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The name Descon comes from combining the two words: DESign and CONstruction.

Since the first Descon company was established on June 1st, 1979 the commitment has been to include the client, the trade partners, the staff and management in the design and building process. See the logo with four heads.

Over the last three decades, Descon has been recognized by its industry peers as a leader in innovations, a committed partner to its clients and one of the best design/built companies in the industry.

The Alberta Award for Housing Excellence was received by Descon Construction in 1987, the National sales and marketing award was received by Descon Homes in 1996, At Descon, we are committed to excellence in customer service. In fact Descon Homes is one of the few recipients of the Golden Hammer Award in customer service, to qualify; the builder has to have a no-complaint record of 10 years in a row. In addition to tens of awards received over the last twenty eight years. Many people have always wondered but only those who experienced it can tell you why, its BETTER BY DESIGN; both the experience and the final product.